Welcome to Highway Media!

Highway Media Group was founded in July of 2018 with Beatriz Repiso in the front seat guiding us and you for our journey together, so be prepared. At the begging Highway Media Group had quickly accelerated, that in August of 2018 we already had our first paid customers and started paying salaries, in December hired contractors and by January of 2019 employed a Marketing Officer. Just imagine that!

Beatriz, our main woman, was previously in the seat as the Head of Affiliation and Senior Account Manager of two brands at a Multinational Group, where she as one of the main drivers helped achieve significant growth in business. You might ask what does this have to do with marketing; well, lead generation is a big part of online marketing. What this shows is that Beatriz knows how to make things happen, as you can see Highway Media Group is still going strong!

With Beatriz behind the wheel, she made a company that is all in one digital marketing solution for companies in need of online presence and growth. At the beginning of this road trip, Highway Media Group has concentrated on the financial, gambling and banking companies because of our experience with those kinds of firms. One of the primary needs for a business is the generation of Leads and potential clients and hence is where we started first!  As a result, we had success with websites such as Eagles Investors, Finsof and Press Gambling. Since she knew what the client wanted she made it a successful ride. For these firms, we implemented a unique strategy for every company to generate leads and turn them into customers. For them, we have also developed a cohesive and compelling online presence.

But ahead of the road, Beatriz wants the company to find different paths to expand our horizons, and to one-day grow into an international company with all kinds of different firms with us.

Also, we have concentrated on helping startups at the beginning of their path. Since the beginning of the journey is the best, we use our driving knowledge to help develop a full marketing strategy for them and help them WIN a position in their market niche. For startups, our Lead generation expertise can help them acquire clients in such a critical phase of their journey. Taking care of our clients, whoever they might be, is our prime goal, because, without them, there wouldn’t be an “us”.

In the car, we have a young and diverse group of people from different continents like South America, Africa and Europe helping us be creative with our driving. Dumitru Rusu adds value to us and our websites as our Global Market Educator, if you are ever lost in the markets, hit us up! We, of course, need to mention our director of digital marketing Bojana Obradovic, she may be young, but that is what makes her great for us and our future path. Bojana’s education and previous experience are helping us drive this company in the right direction. With her leadership and great personality, she knows how to motivate our people to do the best job they can for our clients and ourselves.

So as you can see, with that kind of diversity, our driving must be exceptional. Also, isn’t it better for you to have us young people handle your social media since that is what we “the young people” excel at? Maybe because we are a young company, you would think that we wouldn’t be a good choice for you, well on the contrary that is what drives us to be GREAT!

When you have some bumpy roads on your way to success, we will be there to help you patch them up, by creating content that is unique for your situation. We pride ourselves on giving our clients their unique signature so they won’t take the same roads as our other clients. With this in mind, your market niche will have a seatbelt around it, to make its ride as safe as possible.

From this little piece of content, we would like to welcome you and wish you the best in any of your projects, and if that means going side by side, even better!

In conclusion ladies and gentlemen, avoid the congested streets, hop on in the car with us and join the broad highway. Let’s start the most amazing journey together!

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