“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Laozi

Helping the less fortunate was never this simple. Trust us, it is THAT easy – and FREE:

Step 1, start walking.

Step 2, keep walking.

Step 3, literally that, do not stop walking.

There are so many apps that will make walking and running slightly more interesting, keeping you engaged with social media features, global statistics and competitions… even Pokemon Go will motivate you to go for a walk, at least for a while… but none will give you such a feeling of satisfaction as “Pruži korak” will.

The App

Tamara Klaric and Bogdan Stevanovic founded the app Pruži korak (Take a Step) with the idea that everybody’s every day life could contribute to improve other people´s lives.

This App will count our daily steps, convert them into Serbian dinars and socially responsible companies will pay that amount as a donation to Nurdor.org (a charity founded by the same couple that will carry out different altruistic projects).

“The application works on the principle of a pedometer, it counts the steps taken and for every kilometre citizens walk, socially responsible companies will pay 100 dinars for the construction of a parental home,” said Stevanovic.

Their Projects

Some of their accomplished projects are the construction of a new hemato-oncology department in the city of Niš, where children are receiving appropriate care and a parents’ house in Vracar and Nis in which toddlers from all over Serbia can stay during their treatment in Belgrade.

Nis´ Parent´s House


But they didn´t stop there…

Sorry for the “walking” puns, you can never go a step too far with those. Apart from having created this App, Tamara and Bogdan also organize charity marches and go on fundraiser walks to raise more funds. On their first humanitarian walk they went from Belgrade to Nis, and raised over three million dinars (around 26.000 Euro) to fund the Hemato-Oncology ward at the Nis´ clinical center.

This time they should reach their destination by the 26th of September, “our goal is to raise at least twice as much money this year,” Klarić said.

Highway Media Group on the move

Of course, we do not want to miss the fun, we asked our team to download the app and to get off their asses on the weekend! Even if you go at a snail’s pace… you are sure adding value to the cause.

Do NOT waste those very valuable steps and join them now ?.

You can download the Android app HERE and for the iPhone on this link.

Be part of a win-win project, Pruži korak app (Take a Step) is helping companies be socially aware, they are making a difference and keeping us healthy for a good cause!

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